"Orphans" at Nationals: Billy Hultquist

The Orphans Trek to Michigan

The Orphans company is settled in for their week at the AACTFest 15 Nationals competition in Grand Rapids, Michigan – and this morning, they kick off the performance festivities by presenting very first!

Update from the Road: Billy Hultquist

Billy Hultquist, who plays Treat in our production, sent us some photos and a message from the road, to help give the community an idea of what they’ve been up to, and what this experience means to him.

Here’s what Billy had to say:


The Actors’ View. Grand Rapids Civic Theatre.

This is our view to the audience at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre.

We had our tech rehearsal today and it went extremely well.  We are ready to kick this festival off!!

The one thing I am in constant reminder of is the unbelievable generosity of the Spokane community.  Not only are we here representing Spokane Civic Theatre, but we are representing all of our friends, family and most of all, Spokane, WA!

This once in a lifetime opportunity is only getting better and better by every passing minute and I am so grateful for this chance to be able to do what I love not only for myself and my family, but for everyone who has believed in me from the start. Troy Nickerson, Kevin Kuban, Chris Wooley, Toni Cummins, Susan Hardie, Heather McHenry-Kroetch, Janelle Frisque, Dawn Taylor Reinhardt, George Green, and Marianne McLaughlin to name the directors that have given me a chance to shine.

And to my two boys, Taylor and Cody… if you want something bad enough GO GET IT!!!  Ignore the haters because despite what they may say… Dreams Can Come True!!!

I love you all and hope to make you proud.

Goodnight from Grand Rapids!!


Here are two more photos we received from the road:

Grand Rapids Civic Theatre Lobby

Inside the lovely Grand Rapids Civic Theatre in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Billy at Nationals

Billy Hultquist prepares for tech rehearsal at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre.