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Civic Classes are structured to maintain student engagement and focus learning to level appropriate skills. Students learn best when having fun and feeling confident while being challenged by the class curriculum. Ages are suggestions, not limitations. Please select the class level that best suits your child’s comfort and skill level.

Looking for assistance in picking a skill level or class? Please reach out to us at

Ages 5 – 7
60 – 75 minutes

Classes designed for pre and early readers, and those just starting structured activities. Primary classes focus on introducing kids to the many joys and wonders of theatre through: 

  • Early Literacy Skills: pattern recognition, sequencing, and narrative skills such as talking, singing and auditory processing
  • Creative Movement: Spatial and body awareness, balance, concentration, endurance and imagination 
  • Social: Problem solving, teamwork, turn-taking, recognizing emotions, empathy and confidence
  • Introductory Public Speaking: establishing the importance of diction, volume and breath control

Ages 8 – 12
75 – 90 minutes

Classes designed for students that are familiar with structured activity and exhibit developing reading skills. Beginner student curriculum is structured to nurture creativity, self-expression and developing basic theatre skills to use on stage and beyond through: 

  • Processing Skills: following directions, building attention span and focus, memorization and routine, problem-solving, self-regulation and meeting expectations
  • Storytelling and Story Construction: identifying plot, conflict, motivation, narratives and resolution it a collaborative team setting 
  • Character Building: utilizing the elements of voice, expression and physicality to construct a character.
  • Public Speaking: exploring the impact of pace, tone and inflection

Ages 10 – 14
90 minute

Experienced students ready to challenge their established skills and expand performance knowledge. Intermediate students should be familiar with theatre basics and ready to be challenged through exploring: 

  • Characters and Relationships: connections with scene partners, examining character’s role in the story arc, and recognizing how to express personal character choices and development
  • Movement for Stage: Character motivated movement, connecting to the play space, and establishing a believable setting through blocking, intention and introductory pantomime
  • Vocalization: Advanced elocution, dialect and accent exploration, increased/more complex line delivery and introductory text analysis

Ages 13 – 17
90 – 120 minute 

Classes designed for students that have the experience, drive and desire to present more complex and thorough pieces leading to exploration of: 

  • Script Work: analyzing text, punctuation, intention, imagery and connections
  • Scene Work: exploring various acting techniques, approaches to character development and what it means to be a strong scene partner
  • Production Process: hands on roles and understanding of the technical and behind the scenes elements of production, working as a team both on and offstage, actively engaging in storytelling and performance art

Afterschool Classes

Students experience the phases of a fully produced show over six weeks, broken down into manageable and memorable steps:

  • Auditions and casting
  • Blocking, character development, and line delivery
  • Adding technical elements including light and sound cues

Week by week, students practice and absorb the what, where, when, who, why and how of participating and performing in a theatrical show. Students gain skills rooted in confidence, creativity and collaboration, all culminating in a final performance for family and friends.

Summer @ Civic 

Civic popular summer camp programming! Students explore and conquer a show’s production process in just five days! A great option for students and families looking for a short-term commitment or those students still developing their long-term focus and comprehension skills. Throughout this concentrated week classes will reinforce the importance of teamwork and imagination while working towards a common goal. At the end of the week, students will hold a final performance for family and friends.

Workshops and Continued Training

The artform of acting is a lifelong process of learning: exploring new perspectives, trying new techniques and skills, and understanding different theories. Civic Academy offers a variety of opportunities that allow actors to focus on the development of their performance rather than the final product. This includes vocal training, movement and dance, acting methods, stage combat, audition prep and more!