Sneak Preview of 'SUDS' at Civic!

SUDS cast provides a special glimpse

Last week we visited a rehearsal of our newest studio production: SUDS and learned about the production, and even shared a playlist with songs from the show!

Now, as a special treat, we are so excited share some great sneak preview shots with you! All credit and thanks for these fantastic images goes to Chris Wooley (Heads & Tails Photography)!

The photos below showcase our fantastic actresses: Krista Vaughn as Cindy, Beth Raleigh as Dee Dee, and Phedre Burney-Quimby as Marge.

SUDS, the funny, quirky, groovy show, opens tomorrow – Friday, March 14 – in the Firth J. Chew Studio Theatre. We still have tickets available for this weekend, so come join us and sing along!

Check out the set – and those costumes!

We have some fantastic set designers and costume designers here at Civic.
Here is a bit of what they have in store for you with this production:

SUDS at Civic

Cindy, Dee Dee, and Marge in the Laundromat. Credit: Chris Wooley

SUDS at Civic

What a fun set! Credit: Chris Wooley

SUDS at Civic

Come see Cindy: It’s her birthday!


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