Announcing the cast of the 30th Playwrights’ Forum Festival







Congratulations to the cast of the 30th Playwrights’ Forum Festival


Sebastian and Chloe

by Mattew Weaver

Directored by Kathie Doyle-Lipe

  • Sebastian: Gary Pierce
  • Chloe: Deborah Brooks
  • Boys: Jack Griffin, Murphy Kettrick
  • Girls: Avery Hammac, Addy McAllister

Working Girl

by Jean Hardie

Directed by Jerry Sciarrio

  • Charlie: Dave Rideout
  • Lucy: Teresa Hughbanks
  • Ben: Nathan Moisan

Saint Brendan’s Last Voyage

by John Byrne

Directed by David Hardie

  • Connor: Marty Kittelson
  • Sean: Tristen Canfield
  • Padraig: Jacob Carruthers
  • Saint Brendan: H. James Brown

DON TALK #23 – Plain Speak

by Bryan Harnetiaux (non competitive piece)

Directed by Matthew Harget

  • Voiceover: Tom Armitage
  • Bobo: Dave Rideout

Love To Go

by Chris Demlow

Directed by Dominick Betts

  • Chuck: Nathan Moisan
  • Cindy: Taylor Olmstead
  • Aunt: Lulu Stafford



Monument Valley

by Paul Lewis

Directed by Heather McHenry-Kroetch

  • Sally: Ladonna Wojtowicz
  • Mike: Dave Rideout
  • The Man in a Suit: Jacob Carruthers
  • The Woman: Taylor Olmstead
  • Rebecca: Olivia Wojtowicz

Donny and Doodie

by Pamela Kingsley

Directed by Jamie Flanery

  • Marvin Treat: Gary Pierce
  • Doris “Doodie” Donnelly: Kathie Doyle-Lipe
  • Announcer: Jamie Flanery
  • Nurse: Marty Kittelson

Temptress Standing by an Open Window

by Paul Lewis

Directed by Adam Sharp

  • Jack: Dave Rideout
  • Doraldina: Ladonna Wojtowicz
  • The Waiter: H. James Brown

Victoria’s Secret

by Ross Peter Nelson

Directed by Tom Armitage

  • Chris Carol: Nathan Moisan
  • Victoria Cratchit: Julie Berghammer
  • Bob Cratchit: Jacob Carruthers
  • Ebeneezer Scrooge: Jerry Scarrio
  • Mei lin: Clare Anderson


Thank you to everyone who auditioned!

The 30th Playwrights’ Forum Festival plays in the Studio Theatre June 7-17. Tickets are on sale now through our box office, at all TicketsWest locations, and online.