Whodunnit at Spokane Civic? See The Mousetrap and find out.

Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap Reigns Supreme
with This Whodunnit

Chris Wooley of Heads & Tails sent us these images of The Mousetrap cast in action at Spokane Civic Theatre. So, who looks like the guilty one to you?

Was it Major Metcalf?

Spokane Civic The Mousetrap006

He’s a retired army man who we don’t know much about.

Did Det. Sergeant Trotter have a menacing part to play?

Spokane Civic The Mousetrap004

…or is he just there to interview the suspects?

 Could Miss Casewell or Mrs. Boyle have done it?

Spokane Civic The Mousetrap005

… and what is that in Mrs. Boyle’s hand?!

Do Christopher Wren or Giles Ralston have something to hide?

Spokane Civic The Mousetrap002

…I wouldn’t want to meet Giles Ralston in a dark alley with a scowl like that! Maybe he’s just mad someone was murdered in his guesthouse?

Will Det. Sergeant Trotter get to the bottom of it?

Spokane Civic The Mousetrap003

Mr. Paravicini looks a little worried here…

Spokane Civic The Mousetrap001

… but Mrs. Boyle and Giles Ralston seem pretty suspicious as well!

If you know the answer, be sure to keep it to yourself!

To find out whodunnit, come see the show! Tickets are selling quickly, so get them before they’re gone!

The longest running play of any genre!
See it while you can!
Main Stage
February 28 – March 16, 2014
By Agatha Christie
Directed by Wes Deitrick
Sponsored in part by TicketsWest
Agatha Christie has been a household name in murder mysteries throughout the decades. This is the world’s longest running play of any genre – over 61 years! Be prepared to experience the secret twist ending and shhh… don’t tell anyone after you leave!