Theatre Love: Anything Goes Comes Spokane's Way

Any Theatre In Spokane Is Good Theatre

Spokane is a theatre kind of town. Really. You’ve got Ignite Community Theatre, SCC Players and SFCC Spartan Theatre, Interplayers Lake City Playhouse and Spokane Children’s Theatre to name just a few. Spokane even gets its fair share of national tours thanks to the Best of Broadway series. And here is the kicker….this is how we know Spokane loves theatre. Seats get filled. Shows get sold out. Spokane comes to see live theatre, a lot! This year, Civic started off their season with Les Miserables, Interplayers with Brighton Beach Memoirs and Best of Broadway will be opening with Anything Goes. We like highlighting theatre events in our community and with the opening for Anything Goes right around the corner, we had a chance to ask one of the Anything Goes cast members a few questions. We thought we would share them with you!

Meet Alex Finke

Anything Goes

Alex plays “Hope Harcourt”, theatre credits include: Fiddler on the Roof (Tzietel), Legally Blonde (Serena) at MTWichita, Tarzan (Jane), Lend Me a Tenor (Maggie), at WagonWheel.

What is Anything Goes about?

Anything Goes is a tale of hi-jinx on high seas! The show takes place on board the S.S. American bound for England. Hope Harcourt is a debutant engaged to marry an Englishman, but trouble begins when it is discovered that the man Hope loves, Billy Crocker, has stowed away on the ship. There are love triangles, gangsters in disguise, an evangelist night club singer, mistaken identities, quick changes and general hilarity throughout the entire show.

Tell us why Spokane should see Anything Goes.

Spokane should come to the show because it is a show with something everyone will love. It’s got the classic Cole Porter score paired with phenomenal dance numbers and it’s so upbeat and happy. It’s a show that puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Tell us about the set (we are always curious about this part!)

The set is the S.S. American. It encompasses the entire stage and is bright white. The first scene of the show takes place in a dark bar so when the curtain reveals the ship with the sailors singing on deck it’s really a breathtaking moment.

What about costumes (another favorite of ours)?

The costumes of Anything Goes are a very special element of the production. The tour is actually dedicated to the late Martin Pakledinaz. Anything Goes was one of the final shows he designed and his work on this show (as well as his many others) is simply incredible. The way everything moves and catches the light is stunning. The costumes are so elegant and give true character to the piece. I wish I could give a sneak peak but you’ll just have to come see the show!

What is the watch for it moment of the production?

Audiences should get ready for the act 2 opening number “Blow, Gabriel, Blow.” It is a show-stopper!!

Coming Up in the Spokane Theatre Scene

So thank you Spokane for supporting theatre in our community. Now go out there and see a show! More interviews from other theatres in our community and from Civic coming up!