Spokane is Whistling Dixie Swim Club

No Sneak Peeks

Now we won’t give too much away here. Just enough to peek your interest and hopefully get you down to the Spokane Civic Theatre. The Dixie Swim Club weaves the story of 5 ladies who became best friends through their college swim team (thus the title of the show) and have maintained their friendship throughout the years. We see them in four moments across a period of 30 years to see just what life has thrown their way. The trials and tribulations of having kids, getting married or divorced, the dynamics of friendships, arguments, death, are all portrayed through the points of view of 5 women with very different backgrounds and outlooks on life. They meet the same weekend every year on the Outer Banks in North Carolina to recount the events of the past year.

Hold onto your hats. This is a very fast paced, witty comedy filled with the moments of life that we can all relate to. So if men are worried whether or not they’ll like this show, rest assured, they will learn way more about what happens when women get together than they probably want to know!

It’s always better when we’re together

The cast has had a great time working together. The bonding process was especially strong with this cast of five leading ladies. We went antiquing as a “get to know each other’s process”, and the pieces they purchased now appear on our set. Every page of the script has something hilarious for us to work with – Every character contributes their own personality to the mix – and every character talks about sex, men, food, boobs,(ahem – breasts) husbands and kids at some point or another. Excuse me, where are my manners? I nearly forgot to introduce these 5 fantastic leading ladies:


KB-8234 Vernadette KB-8219 Jeri Neal KB-8240 Heidi Dinah KB-8235 Lexie KB-8226  Sheree (1) Dixie-Ladies-web

The characters are all very different and each scene is standalone and does not relate other than to show the passage of time in references, but each scene has its own “topic”.

Giving Thanks

We wish to give some special thanks to: Heather Hanley, owner of the Tin Roof, who provided most of our set furniture – our set design and construction was done by David Baker, Just Roses is providing fresh flowers for our set. We also had dialect and mannerism coaching from Chris and Nina Dirkers. Our sound tech James Bivens, has a small musical group that is re-recording some Dixie Jazz music into Beach songs for some custom music during the scene changes.

The Dixie Swim Club

By Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope & Jamie Wooten

Directed by Tia Wooley

May 3 – June 2

Warmhearted New Comedy – Firth J. Chew Studio Theatre

Lifelong friends have a lasting impression on us. For thirty-three years, five women have gotten together at the same beach cottage on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. They reminisce about the past, catch up with the present and gossip about the future. True friendships do last forever …


Coldwell Banker & StateFarm

Curtain Times
Thur – Sat: 7:30 P.M.
Sun: 2:00 P.M.