REVIEW: ‘Evil Dead: The Musical’ offers up laughs and buckets of blood

…this isn’t just a throwaway lark: …Civic’s production [of Evil Dead: The Musical] is handsomely mounted – the cabin set brilliantly captures the look and feel of the location in Raimi’s film – and expertly cast. [Martin] Sanks is appealing and commanding in the role made iconic by Bruce Campbell, [Tanya] Barton throws herself into the part of the airheaded nymphet and [Whitney] Huskey gets some of the show’s best laugh lines as a demon with all the groan-worthy jokes of a Catskills comedian. (Example: “Like Dom DeLuise at a seafood buffet, I’ll swallow your sole.”)

Review by Nathan Weinbender of Spokesman-Review
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Photo credit: Jesse Tinsley