PREVIEW: Shenanigans abound farcical ‘Fox on the Fairway’

“The Fox on the Fairway,” which opens Friday at Spokane Civic Theatre, is a big, broad farce through and through. Written by Ken Ludwig, whose work has been frequently staged at the Civic, “Fox” ticks all the boxes on the farcical checklist: Identities are mistaken, intentions are misconstrued, and characters are frequently walking out through doors just as someone else is walking in through another door.

“…There’s all this stuff on the line, and (the plot) goes through crazy gyrations,” Deitrick said. “It’s got all the classical elements of a farce: people falling in love, falling out love, people saying they want this person instead of that person.”

…But with all of the effort going on behind the scenes, the show’s main goal is a simple one: to make you laugh.


Preview by Nathan Weinbender, Spokesman-Review.

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Photo by Chris Wooley, Head and Tails Photography