PREVIEW: Audience gets musical connection with March sisters

“It’s a rather small musical,” Doyle-Lipe said. “… When you have a smaller group, they bond with each other. They’ve become really tight. It’s been really lovely to watch, and it makes the performances on stage that much more interesting.”

…We first see the March sisters as children, bursting with energy and imagination. A couple of the girls have creative aspirations – Jo dreams of becoming a celebrated writer, and Amy (Kelsi Blaser), the youngest, has an eye for art – while Meg (Julia Keefe) and Beth (Lacey Olson-Bohnet) plan to settle into comfortable, traditional domestic lives. As the story unfolds, the girls grow older, and we watch as they experience love and heartbreak and as they come to terms with their own futures.

Preview by Nathan Weinbender, Spokesman-Review.
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Photo by Colin Mulvany, Spokesman-Review.