Meet Civic's own Roger Elizabeth DeBris

Who is Roger Elizabeth DeBris?

You may remember Roger De Bris from previous Spokane Civic productions gone by…who can forget the infamous Governor in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas? Or Barfee in the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee?


Ok, so Roger DeBris is not really any of those roles. Lance Babbit is. And Lance Babbitt is exactly who will be playing DeBris in the upcoming Civic production of, well, The Producers which opens with a Gala Celebration on September 21st and runs through  October 21st. Lance filled us in on some of his views and opinions of Roger Elizabeth DeBris.

What is The Producers?

It’s a comedic musical about two producers, Max and Leo, who hatch a get rich quick plan,  which involves putting on a terrible Broadway show and overselling futures.  It’s funny, it’s sarcastic, it takes on Nazis and theatre business in a very typical Mel Brooks kind of way. Come prepared to laugh and perhaps be a wee bit surprised (but in a good way).

So Who is Roger Elizabeth DeBris?

Lance: Roger E. DeBris is a fabulous BROADWAY director of an era long gone. He is all about style over substance, glamour over grit. A sequin could never find a happier home than in a Roger DeBris production.

Why is Roger hired?

Lance: Read Above. He is hired to hopefully stage the worst musical in the history of Broadway. He is an unknowing accomplice. The thought of prison, while at times is exciting, frightens him, so he would never do anything illegal! Damn that Max and Leo!

What’s your costume look like?

Lance: My Costume? The Dress…is stunning! Jan Wanless is brilliant. Very Art Deco, very glam, very shiny, oh and did I mention the heels? STUNNING! And Hitler?…also glam and shiny! The costumes are going to be amazing!

How do you plan to own YOUR Roger role?

Lance: I think to own Roger or any character you have to be willing to throw yourself totally 100% into them! I LOVE Roger…he is zany, funny, crazy, but, most of all, he’s loveable. His relationship with Carmen (brilliantly played by Taylor Pedroza) is so funny and, oddly, so real! Oh and I am wearing killer shoes! BIG FOOTPRINT!

Why do I need to see this play?

Lance: Because we all need to laugh. This play is funny from the overture to the curtain call. Everyone gets a chance to shine. Also it has some of Spokane’s best comedic talent in it! A lovely score, beautiful costumes, and did I mention my shoes? And the sequins? And in the words of another comic genius…”A day without laughter is a day wasted” C. Chaplin (also known for wearing a Hitler mustache).

Lance: I encourage people to see the Producers if they wanna have a good time, maybe be a little shocked, hear some catchy tunes and be dazzled by the glitz and the glam (that’s just me). But to come laugh as a community… nothing is better!