Announcing the company of the 33rd Playwrights’ Forum Festival

Spokane Civic Theatre is proud to present its celebrated Playwrights’ Forum Festival, which, since 1983, has showcased new one-acts by playwrights from across the region. The festival is performed in two separate sets on alternating days.

In honor of his unflinching dedication and innumerable contributions, the festival has been named after Civic’s Resident Playwright, Bryan Harnetiaux.

Ashley Arai, Karen Fix Curry, Kate Danley, Jean Hardie, Bryan Harnetiaux, Lee Lawing,
Paul Lewis, Rich Rubin, Matthew Weaver

Tom Armitage, Hazel Bean, Barry Brathovde, Karen Brathovde, Matthew Harget,
Heather McHenry-Kroetch, Matthew Pope, Adam Sharp, Jamie Suter

Bethany Daniel, Cheryl Demke, Abby Constable, Thor Edgell, Ron Ford, Raymond Horn,
Dan Bisbee, Marty Kittleson, Jon Jordan, Noelle Laffoon, Timothy Linton, Penny Lucas,
Hannah Matchell, Maxwell Nightser, Lynn Noel, Katelyn Orchard, Sarah Plumb,
Court Saunders, Rowan Nadine Tath, 
Ryan Wasson 

The festival is performed in two rotations.
Students (5-25): $10 | Adults: $15 (One Rotation)

Congratulations to the company of this year’s Bryan Harnetiaux Playwrights’ Forum Festival.

June 15 – 18, 2022
Firth J. Chew Studio Theatre

Tickets on sale now!

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Box Office Hours: Tuesday – Friday, 12 – 6PM