Announcing the cast of Tom Sawyer

Congratulations to the cast of Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer: Carsten Davis 

Huck Finn: Murphy Kettrick

Becky Thatcher: Josephine Kahler

Aunt Polly: Rosy Rodden

Cousin Sid: David Mannino 

Cousin Mary: Mairead Kahler 

Ben Rogers: Millie Kettrick 

Joe Harper/ Alfred: Amelia Berry 

Injun Joe/ Deacon: Nathanael Gilstrap 

Muff Potter/ Samuel: Paul Sciarrio 

Judge Thatcher: Abigail Harget 

Imogene/ Suzy: Fiona Sheafor-Generaux 

Johnny/Gracie: Tayler Smith 

Sally/Ginny: Charlie Kettrick

Clara/ Rachel: Isabella Adams

Jeff Thatcher: Isaac Haney 

Miss Dobbins/Billy: Lily Johnson

Preacher Charles: Jon Andersen 

Amy Lawrence: Arwen Hart 

Thank you to everyone who auditioned!

Tom Sawyer plays in the Studio Theatre July 19 – 28

Tickets are now available at the Box Office (Tues – Fri, 2PM – 6PM) and online at