Announcing the cast of ‘Moby Dick – A Musical’

Congratulations to the cast of Moby Dick – A Musical!


Captain Ahab : Bill Garry

Starbuck, First Mate: Tim Campbell

Ishmael: David Hardie

Stubb, Second Mate: Doug Dawson

Flask, Third Mate: Ted Redman

Bulkington: Chadron Hazelbaker

Pippin, Cabin Boy: Joseph Selle

Tashtego, Harpooner: TBA

Daggoo, Harpooner: Tim Noon

Queequeg, Harpooner: Lionel Liberty

Ship’s Carpenter: Peter Hardie

Fedallah: Dennis Craig

Sailors: Lance Nilson, Dan Griffith, Aiden Else


Mary, Starbuck’s Wife: Luricka Kougl

James, Starbuck’s Son: Brody Else

Landlord Peter Coffin: Lance Nilson

Aunt Charity: Kathie Doyle-Lipe

Bildad, Half owner of the Pequod: Kim Berg

Peleg, Half owner of the Pequod: Peter Hardie

Father Mapple: Dennis Craig

Elijah: Dan Griffith

Annie, Ahab’s Wife: Karlin Kahler

Wig Salesman: Bob Francis

Hair Lady: Marlee Andrews

Jewelry Seller: Trudy Rogers

Coat Seller: Carolee Young

Spouter Inn Girls: Dacey Else, Emma Selle, Maleny Mannino, Marlee Andrews

Nantucket Women: Michelle Bakken, Charlotte Orrino, Trudy Rogers, Carloee Young


Mayhew of the Jeroboam: Dan Griffith

Gabriel: Aiden Else

Captain of the Bouton de Rose: Maleny Mannino

First Mate of the Bouton de Rose: Bob Francis

French Sailors: Aiden Else, Joseph Selle, Lance Nilson, Dan Griffith, Luricka Kougl

Captain of the Albatross: Peter Hardie

Albatross Sailors: Joseph Selle, Dan Griffith, Kim Berg, Aiden Else, Bob Francis 

Captain of the Delight: Kim Berg

Ocean Dancers: Dacey Else, Maleny Mannino, Karlin Kahler, Marlee Andrews

Thank you to everyone who auditioned!

Moby Dick – A Musical is an original production workshop Written by Ed Bryan and William Berry and Directed by Jean Hardie. It plays in the studio Theatre April 5-6, 2019. Tickets are on sale now through our box office, at all TicketsWest locations, and online.