Spokane Event Rents: How to throw a party

Spokane based Event Rents sure knows how to throw a party

Ok, how about decorate for a party

Locally owned event rental and party supply company, Event Rents, has become one of Spokane Civic Theatre’s newest community supporters. And we could not be more thrilled. Their donation of linens, tables and seating helped us pull of one of our most successful season opening galas. While they have a wide (read HUGE) assortment of linen colors (did we say HUGE?), we opted for what some might consider boring, but we consider elegant, white linens. Which looked quite awesome with the white chairs, we might note.

Early in, early out

The Event Rents team showed up early, early to set up giving us ample time for our own Gala craziness (you know how that goes: auction items – check, gala decorations – check, costumes – check, food – check and double check!) and their pick up couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. While you were watching the first act, Event Rents was diligently (and quietly) tucking away their tables, chairs, linens and such.

Support Event Rents

So, Spokane, the moral of the story here is yes, we are giving a huge shout out and a bigger thank you to Event Rents for their donation of time and goods that helped make The Producers Gala a wonderful event. And for the rest of you, if you’re thinking party, wedding, or any celebration, call Event Rents. They are simply the best in the region at what they do. And we’re asking Spokane Civic Theatre supporter to support Event Rents. That simple. 

Spokane Civic Theatre Gala PartyWild Sage's Spokane Civic Theatre Gala dessert on Event Rents lines

Spokane Civic Theatre Gala event rents tables


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