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Founded in 1947, Spokane Civic Theatre is an award-winning, nonprofit community theatre that has been located at 1020 North Howard Street since 1967. Each year, Civic produces more than 20 plays, musicals and other live events — totaling more than 180 performances, created by more than 400 volunteer creative contributors, serving approximately 50,000 audience members.

Please support Spokane Civic Theatre’s mission to foster an enduring love for live theatre in every community member by donating today.

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If you are interested in learning more about the organization and ways to support, please email or call 509-325-2507.

How Your Donations Are Used

Sponsor A Student

Spokane Civic Theatre exists to provide a safe, inclusive and collaborative venue where theatrical art is created to entertain, enlighten and stimulate reflections and critical thinking. Please consider supporting young artists’ studies by contributing to a scholarship pool that is available to all interested participants.

Underwrite Production

For 74 years, Spokane Civic Theatre has served as a leading arts organization in Eastern Washington: approximately 200 musicals and 400 plays have been produced on Civic stages — more than 10 of which have represented Spokane at state, regional, national, and international festivals, receiving awards at all levels and categories. Invest in Civic’s legacy of producing excellent, engaging and entertaining theatre by underwriting production expenses.

Support Our Facility

Going 70 years strong, and 50 at our current location, the theatre needs constant tender, loving care. General support for the theatre allows us to use resources to upgrade existing furnishings and equipment, and to replace and renew those features to allow us to operate most efficiently.

Did you know?

Ticket purchase only covers 60% of our production costs? Because of our commitment to provide quality live theatre to our community at an affordable price, we rely on your contributions to bridge the 40% gap.

Sponsor a Season or Show

Sponsorship Opportunities

Invest in Spokane Civic Theatre and underwrite production costs including licensing fees, production personnel, and costumes and scenic materials. Sponsorship opportunities are available to individuals, groups, and companies who are dedicated to supporting the performing arts and interested in linking their identity with Civic.


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For more sponsorship information, please contact Jake Schaefer, Executive Director –, 509-325-2507.

Planned Giving

About the Endowment

For any Planned Giving opportunity, Spokane Civic Theatre Endowment Fund represents a long-term investment in the theatre that will grow and serve us in the future. A small percentage of the Fund is annually provided to the theatre for special projects, and for building and maintenance of the theatre. Established in 1960, the Endowment Fund was created by the founders of Spokane Civic Theatre to provide on-going operational support, and to secure a bright future.

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For more information about contributing planned giving, foundation, stock, or direct giving to the Endowment Fund, please contact Jake Schaefer, Executive Director –, 509-325-2507 – to be introduced to Spokane Civic Theatre Endowment Fund Board Members.

Advertise at Civic

Make your Civic support visible by showing off your company or family branding in our playbills.


The MAIN STAGE theatre seats 334 and is home to large-scale musicals, timeless comedies and regional premieres.


The FIRTH J CHEW STUDIO THEATRE is a 96 seat, black box theatre where critically acclaimed plays, original works and festival bound productions premiere.

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For more advertising information, please contact

What Others Have to Say About Us

It is rare to have any other media reach you on the level of a live performance, whether it is music or theater. When you couple that with a financially responsible institution that continually raises the bar for itself, it’s amazing that more people don’t see fit to support such a quality endeavor.

I had gotten out of the habit of going to Civic for a while and was truly amazed when I started going more often. The higher quality of every aspect of the theater was evident. I am continually amazed at what Civic accomplishes and baffled at how many people are unaware of the theater. Tell your friends!

Also, don’t be shy about suggesting sponsorship to those you think might have some interest. Something this good doesn’t just happen by accident.

Another aspect I love about Civic is their education program. I have sent nieces and nephews to Civic’s summer camp programs and they all loved the experience. Their parents have continued to sign them up for more classes. Some of the younger kids in the clan came to their performances and were absolutely riveted on these kids on the stage; they will also be signed up for classes when they’re old enough. If it wasn’t obvious before seeing the looks on their faces, it certainly was evident after: you just can’t beat a live performance, even if it’s a bunch of little kids in their first endeavor.

I truly hope reading this will inspire you to not only give more support, but also drum up more support for this unique local gem.”

David Ball, Spokane Civic Theatre Patron, Donor, and Sponsor
In Civic’s ‘Kiss Me, Kate,’ the musical within the musical offers the cast ample time to shine.
The Spokanesman Review, By Azaria Podplesky