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Parking for Civic

As development in our area, the North Bank, continues, we anticipate parking to be nebulous and difficult. Although Spokane Civic Theatre only owns and controls its land, we actively explore accessibility measures with surrounding property owners. At this time, we recommend that you arrive early and park in the main Arena lot, directly west of Spokane Civic Theatre. If possible, please carpool or ride share. For those in need of accessibility support, please be dropped off in front of our facility and utilize the ramp for entry.

Paid Parking Lots

  • Diamond Parking Lots
  • Wonder Building Garage
  • Flour Mill Parking Lot
  • Riverfront Parking Lot

Other North Bank Venues

  • Downtown Spokane Stadium Build Site & Construction Lay Down Area
  • Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena
  • The Podium
  • Flour Mill
  • The Wonder Building
  • Riverfront Park

Parking For a Show

Please arrive early — lobbies are open one hour prior to showtimes. On days when multiple North Bank events occur, Public Facilities District Management will hold 100 spots for Civic patrons in the main Arena lot, directly west of Civic. Parking fees are patrons’ responsibility. On days when there are no Arena or Podium events, Arena lots require parking payment via card at kiosk. If possible, please carpool or ride share. For those in need of accessibility support, please be dropped off in front of our facility (Studio Theatre – near the southeast corner, off of Dean St; Main Stage – via the ramp on north side, Gardner Ave).

Performances begin promptly at showtime listed on ticket. Late seating is not available at this time.

Diamond Parking Lots

  1. When the booths are manned, fees range from $8 – $15, cash only.
  2. When the booths are not manned:
  • There is a parking kiosk at the west parking lot to accept credit cards. This option can be time consuming when the lines are long.
  • You can download the CallToPark app or use to pay for your parking with a credit card. When using this option, you will need your license plate number and the lot number posted.

If you have an issue with the Diamond Parking Lots, please contact the Diamond Spokane Office at (509) 747-8144.

City Parking Meters

The meters turn off at 7 PM Monday-Saturday and are off all day Sundays.

  1. To the south of the building along Dean Street and Cataldo Ave (one block south) there are city meters that take nickles, dimes, quarters, and dollar coins.
  2. You can download the Passport Parking app to pay for your parking on your smartphone with a credit card. When using this option you will need the zone number listed on the parking meter.

Spokane Transit

There are Spokane Transit Bus Stops at the corner of Howard St. and Gardner Ave., the Arena Lot, and the corner of Boone Ave. and Washington St. Please visit to see if this option could be right for you. Call the theatre at 509-325-2507 for production run times to plan your trip.

Parking as a Volunteer

As a volunteer production team member, during a show your producer or stage manager will provide you with a Spokane Civic Theatre Staff and Volunteer Parking Lot pass for the duration or your show, as well as information as where to park when the lot is full.

As a front of house volunteer, please plan ahead to park in the city parking around the theatre on show nights.

The Spokane Civic Theatre Staff and Volunteer Parking Lot passes are only valid while you are working or volunteering.

Parking During the Day

When visiting the Spokane Civic Theatre during the day, you may park in front of the building on Garner Avenue in the 10 minute loading and unloading zone.

When taking classes, or taking your kids to classes, at the Spokane Civic Theatre Academy you will be given parking passes on your first day of class. Those parking passes are valid for the date duration of your class for you to park in the Spokane Civic Theatre Staff and Volunteer Parking Lot.