Spokane Civic Theatre launches new website look!

You may have noticed that we’ve been shaking things up a little bit with our branding lately!

We have been working closely with the fantastic folks over at Design Spike to bring you some really beautiful work to highlight the coming season, and will be integrated into future seasons as well!

Design Spike worked with Chris Wooley of Heads and Tails Photography to capture the images you see in our materials, and then Design Spike’s Art Director, Todd Zyph, went to work. Todd even wrote a blog post about the treatment he used on these images, and how the look-and-feel of our new materials came to be.

From this process, we have new brochures:


…new posters:


…and now, this new look has been applied to our website!

Website Before-After

The website design is clean, modern, and is easy to view – and so is the content. We’ve reorganized our content on every page of our site to enable users to find the information they need in a more intuitive manner. So, while functionalities will remain the same on the site, it feels like a new website!

Audition information, galleries, and donation instructions are all easier to locate in their new places on the site. See it for yourself!

We’re so excited to be able to have these beautiful, wonderfully crafted, and improved pieces to share with the community, our patrons, and our volunteers – and we hope you share our enthusiasm.

Let us know what you think about the updates!