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Performance Policies

Arrive on time

It is recommended that patrons arrive 30 minutes prior to curtain, earlier if there is an event at Spokane Arena.

To ensure safety and the best possible experience for all audience members, latecomers will be seated only when appropriate breaks in the performance allow.

Late seating is at the full discretion of Spokane Civic Theatre.


Children under five years of age (including babes-in-arms) will not be admitted to the performance.

Turn off all electronics

Cellular phones, pagers, and other devices disrupt performances. Please silence, or turn off all devices before the performance, and refrain from texting.

  • Emergency Contact: Doctors and others who may need to be contacted in an emergency may leave the administrative office number 509-325-2507 with their call services. Be sure to leave a name and seat numbers with the House Manager if expecting to be contacted.

Photography and Recordings are prohibited

All photography and recording of audio or video are strictly prohibited during all performances.

Smoking Areas

Municipal codes prohibit smoking in areas of public assembly. This includes any area within 25 feet of a public entrance.


To ensure your safety in case of fire or any other emergency, Spokane Civic Theatre requests that you familiarize yourself with the exit route nearest to your seat.


Spokane Civic Theatre is fully accessible to patrons with impaired mobility. Please notify the box office of special needs when you purchase your ticket.

Have a Question?

Please contact us – we’d be happy to answer any additional questions!