Parking at Civic

Spokane Civic Theatre is located just north of the Spokane River on the corner Howard Street and Gardner Avenue. To the north, east and west of us are Diamond Parking Lots. To the south is Dean Street which has metered parking along the road.

Parking During the Day

When visiting the Spokane Civic Theatre Box Office during the day, you may park in front of the building on Garner Avenue in the 10 minute loading and unloading zone.

When visiting The Little Shop of Rentals, we recommend entering the Spokane Civic Theatre Staff and Volunteer Parking Lot (to the east of our building) on Dean Street. Across from the entrance to the Studio Theatre/Little Shop of Rentals are designated parking spots for visitors of the shop.

When taking classes, or taking your kids to classes, at the Spokane Civic Theatre Academy you will be given parking passes on your first day of class. Those parking passes are valid for the date duration of your class for you to park in the Spokane Civic Theatre Staff and Volunteer Parking Lot.

Parking During a Show

When seeing a show either at night or during the day, patrons have ample parking options with the city parking that surrounds our building. To the north, east and west of us are Diamond Parking Lots. Diamond recently installed a parking kiosk at the entrance of the lot in addition to the manned booth. When there is no one at the booth, the kiosk will show a special price for you to select as a Civic patron at $3 for the day. When there is a Diamond employee at the booth (usually when an event is happening at the Spokane Arena), the kiosk and the booth list parking at $6 for the day. Additionally, you can download the CallToPark app to pay for your parking on your smartphone or pay for your parking at the Civic Box Office (cash or check only). Additionally to the south of the building along Dean Street there are city meters that take only coins. The meters turn off at 7 PM Monday-Saturday and are not on Sundays.

If you have an issue with the Diamond Parking Lots, please contact the Diamond Spokane Office at (509) 747-8144.

Parking as a Volunteer

As a cast, crew, or orchestra member during a show your producer or stage manager will provide you with a Spokane Civic Theatre Staff and Volunteer Parking Lot pass for the duration or your show, as well as information as where to park when the lot is full.

As a front of house volunteer, your house manager will provide you with a Spokane Civic Theatre Staff and Volunteer Parking Lot pass for that day. If the lot is full, the Box Officers will give you information on where to park.

The Spokane Civic Theatre Staff and Volunteer Parking Lot passes are only valid while you are working or volunteering.


  March 2017