Civic's 2014 – 2015 Theatre Season

Tradition! From the desk of Jim Humes

Wow! Civic’s 2014-2015 Season is right around the corner, and we have been busy getting ready to unveil next season’s brochure. Our design team at Design Spike, Inc. gave us a sneak preview of the new season’s artwork. If only I could share it with you, but what fun would that be? Perhaps I’ll let you see just one show….let me think about it. After all, we don’t want to give too much away. How about we show you a sneak peek at the season?

We are excited. Really excited.

2014 2015 Community Theatre Season at Spokane Civic Theatre

How It Works

And it all started with Art Director Todd Zyph of Design Spike meeting with photographer Chris Wooley of Heads & Tails Photography to conceptualize our branding for the 2014-2015 season. The collaboration worked. Following the superb graphic design of Ginny Baxter, the artist who did our design work prior to this season, wasn’t easy. She has a style that is truly her own, and when she decided to take a position with another company, it was time to change. We didn’t really want to, because we love Ginny and her work. But once Design Spike agreed to take on the task, we were on board. We prepared ourselves for a change. After all, change is good, right?

Fortunately, Todd and Chris found a groove. Between hitting Civic’s costume rental shop and costume department and finding the right volunteers (both professional and non-professional actors) for the photos, Todd and Chris captured some amazing images! Those images are now works of art.

Still Work To Be Done

While there is still work to be done – layouts, text, proofing, correcting, printing, mailing, distributing– our goal is recognition. We want all brochures, posters and all collateral materials to be recognizable as coming from Spokane Civic Theatre and we hope they serve as reminder to become a member or purchase a ticket. After all, our patrons are a part of live community theatre at its best.

Our Thanks

I would like to thank everyone (staff and volunteers) that helped with Spokane Civic Theatre’s new season look. Many hours have been donated by Design Spike®, Inc. and Heads & Tails Photography – and, honestly, we couldn’t ask for better community partners.