Spokane Civic Theatre is your local community theatre! Below are the upcoming auditions for our 2016-17 productions!

Spokane Civic Theatre's actors range from first-timers to professionals! That's what makes a community theatre so vibrant and diverse.


Guidelines for preparation are provided for each production below.

For musicals: Please bring a copy of your sheet music. We will provide an accompanist.

Scripts can be checked out to read, either in the building for free, or you may take a copy of the script home for $20 CASH* [refundable upon return prior to first audition during regular business hours]. One hour advance notice of take-home check out appreciated.

*Subject to availability.

Upcoming Auditions...



ACADEMY: Wanda's World


Sun, June 11- 6:00 PM

Tue, June 13- 6:00 PM

Wed, June 14- 6:00 PM (Callbacks)


Spokane Civic Theatre

Firth J Chew Studio Theatre

1020 N Howard

Spokane, WA 99201


Wanda Butternut: Spunky yet shy. A dreamer with a lot of ideas but is worried about the birthmark on her face and is afraid to step out of her comfort zone.

Spangles: Wanda’s pet dog, and comes to life as the announcer for her dreams where Wanda’s World comes to life.

Ty Belvedere: The main man. Quarterback for the football team, front runner for class president. He is, however, not just your usual popular jock and there is much more to Ty than we first see.

Jenny Hightower: The classic middle-school mean girl. Jenny runs the school, and anyone who gets in her way is in for a world of mean.

Jenny’s Posse (2-5 roles): A number of girls who follow Jenny and finish each other’s sentences.

Alison Carmichael: Ambitious young candidate for class president. A real go getter but not a mean girl like Jenny.

Ms. Dingleberry: Speaks with an Irish accent. Teaches Spanish at the school. Very supportive of Wanda.

Mr. Lemmings: Vice-principal of the school. Teaches the Audio-visual class. A father figure for Wanda and very supportive of her ambitions. Stern yet kind.

P.J. Dunbar: Class clown. Very tired of being overlooked, especially by Jenny.

Jake and Ethan: P.J.’s best friends who work hard to support him. Not the sharpest tools in the shed.

Mrs. Butternut: Wanda’s mom, wants to be supportive of her daughter but unsure how to do so.

Callers (6 roles): Various callers to Wanda’s World who ask for advice to address their various problems.

Ensemble (Numerous roles): Various other students. All members of various cliques. Will fill other roles including callers, cheerleaders, and any other roles the show requires. 

Prepare a contemporary song (not from the show), 16 bars (or about a minute)

Wear clothes you can dance in.

Please, bring sheet music; a piano accompanist will be provided.

Audition sign in will be in main stage lobby. 


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