Announcing the cast of The Comedy of Errors

Congratulations to the cast of Civic Academy’s THE COMEDY OF ERRORS. Thank you all who auditioned!

Get ready for rip-roaring fun in Shakespeare’s madcap comedy about long-lost siblings and mistaken identities.

Shakespeare bases his story on Plautus’s MENAECHMI, a play about identical twins who accidentally meet after a lifetime apart. He borrows from another Plautus play by having Adriana, the wife of one Antipholus, entertain the other. The spirited Adriana often gives speeches evoking strong emotions—as do other characters at times. Even here, Shakespeare suggests complexities beyond the farce.

Antipholus of Syracuse: 
Calliope Carr
Dromio of Syracuse: Josh White
Antipholus of Ephesus: Liam Lundberg
Dromio of Ephesus: Sirena Coulter-Kress
Adriana: Lily Savage
Luciana: Nicole Ostlie
Abbess: Amelia Polocz
Duchess Solinus: Jordan Gortner
Balthasar: Joshua Domrese
Angelo: Charlie Curtiss
Merchant: Maron Sybouts
Dr. Pinch: Winter Gacusana
Luce: Hazel Rogers-Brunt
Courtesan: Mo Stuart
Officer: Pearl Hyndman
Jailer: Silas Blankenship
Messenger: Sarah Howard
Ensemble: Silas Blankenship, Elizabeth Hoffman, Sarah Howard, Pearl Hyndman, Hazel Rogers-Brunt, Olive Seymour


Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by Joshua Baig

March 1 – 10, 2024
Firth J. Chew Studio Theatre

Tickets on sale now!

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Box Office Hours: Tuesday – Friday, 12 – 6PM