Announcing the cast of The Academy’s Winter Workshops

Congratulations to the cast the Spokane Civic Theatre Academy’s Winter Workshops

Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus

Edward P. Mitchell: Patrick Cabbage

F.P Church: Olivia Boures

Andrea Borland: Morgan Moog

Virginia O’Hanlon: Emily Cabbage

Jim O’Hanlon: Zach Moog

Evie O’Hanlon: Bivianna Klein

Sean O’Hanlon/ Kitten: Kody Higginbotham


  • Paul Sciarrio: Announcer, Dom Donelli, Goss, George, Pryor, Akins, Santa Claus
  • Harrison Wilfong: Otho, Chambers, Flynn, Blake
  • Isaac Haney: Schuller, Sam, Theif, Red, Husband
  • Amelia Berry: Newsboy, Shannon, O’Hara, Celeste
  • Drea Hendry: Barrington, Mrs. Goldstein, Wife
  • Jaylee Turner: Maria Donelli, Teddy, Shorty, Scotty, Fritz
  • Zoe Hoerner: Susan, Officer 1, Old Man, Child
  • Cassi Price: Julie, Officer 2, Policeman

Special FX: Nicole & Rebecca Price-Larison

The Academy’s Yes Virginia There is a Santa Claus is directed by Jamie Sciarrio and plays in the Studio Theatre, December 21-22, 2018. Tickets are on sale now through our box office, at all TicketsWest locations, and online.

Donation Drive for Teen & Kid Closet

  • $5 tickets with a donation of hats, scarves, or gloves
  • Available through the Box Office, in person and over the phone

You Can’t Take It With You

Penny Sycamore: Emma Hendricks 

Paula Sycamore: Georgia Kettrick 

Grandpa: Zach Moog 

Essie: Amelia Berry 

Ed: Millie Paine

Alice: Abi Harget 

Tony: Elias Baldwin-Bonney 

De Pinna: Alexis Hart

Kolenkhov: Dani Post 

Rheba: Tayla Tollefson 

Mrs. Kirby: Lily Johnson 

Mr. Kirby, Henderson: Matthew Brauhn 

Donald: Morgan Moog

Gay Wellington: Morgan Beity 

Olga: Emmie Kafflen 

The Academy’s You Can’t Take It With You is directed by Kearney Jordan and plays on the Main Stage January 26 – February 2, 2019. Tickets are on sale now through our box office, at all TicketsWest locations, and online.