Announcing the cast of A Place to Call Home

Congratulations to the cast of A Place to Call Home

Levi “Al” Hutton: Marek Nelson
May Arkwright Hutton: Melody Deatherage
Gus Paulsen: Michael Schmidt
Bertrand McDougall: William Bancroft
Bernice Taylor: Elaina DeJong
David Glasgow: Jeffrey Ridlington
Frank Obermuller: Daniel Edmiston
DC Corbin: JP O’Shaughnessy
Judge Leavy: Tom McArthur
Agnes Cowley Paine: Lynn Noel
Laura Northup: Kalynn Raugh
Ruth Corbet: Teri Maurice
Micky Miller: Grace Schneider
Helen Paulsen: Maddie Sipes
Patty Obermuller: Raena Edmiston
Rose: Trinity K.
Madeleine: Summer S.
Russell Bankson: Jerry Sciarrio
Nettie: Caryn Hoaglund
Myrtle Paulsen: Mallory Beschta
Ezra Wwalker: Charles Talley
Harold Whitehouse: Kyle Beckwith
Silas Drury: Paul J. Watts
Charles Gonser: Logan Foster
Anna Corbin: Elsie Patrick
Fannie Lewis: Mary Jo Rudolf
Gladys: Deborah Brooks
Ida Chandler: Jennifer Simmons
Timmy: Zach Moog
Lilly: Ella Cottle
Bonnie Obermuller: Dani Edmiston
Jane: Addy McAllister
Hannah: Jadyn S.
David: Zachary M.


A Place To Call Home is an original production, written and directed by Tim Rarick.

October 24 – November 3, 2019
Margot and Robert Ogden Main Stage

Tickets are now available at the Box Office (Tues – Fri, 2PM – 6PM) and online at