War Horse on Broadway from Spokane Civic Theatre's View!

The View on War Horse from Yvonne AK Johnson‘s view

War Horse Redux

Yvonne AK Johnson, Spokane Civic Theatre Executive Artistic Director, has seen War Horse on Broadway not once, but twice (uh, War Horse redux)! She says that it remains the best play she has seen in the past 10 years and that War Horse is stronger as a play than the recent movie.

Puppets Come To Life

War Horse coming to Spokane Via Best of Broadway

War Horse
March 5-10, 2013 at the INB Center, West Coast Entertainment/Best of Broadway
A remarkable tale of courage, loyalty and friendship.

The AACT (The American Association of Community Theatre of which Spokane Civic Theatre is a part) National Conference  was held in New York City a few weeks ago. The AACT attendees went to see the production of War Horse together and despite seeing the production twice, for Yvonne it was still just as strong visually and viscerally as the first time. “Who would ever think that a puppet, a horse named “Joey,” would literally come to life before your eyes? You honestly forget that he is not real. He certainly is in your own heart and you will love him as if he is your own.”

Westcoast Entertainment Best of Broadway Brings War Horse to Spokane


War Horse will be touring next season and we are fortunate to have the tour come to Spokane through WestCoast Entertainment Best of Broadway series. Of course, some aspects of the show will need to change to accommodate the various proscenium theatres that War Horse will be playing throughout the country and Yvonne finds that part rather intriguing (she would, it is her job to think of things like this!). War Horse comes to Spokane March 5-10, 2013. Don’t miss the chance to see this great show right in Spokane!