The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Never Enough Christmas Pageants

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever opens this weekend, Dec 14 – 15, 2013, at Spokane Civic Theatre. This is an Annual Scholarship Benefit Performance directed by Chris Taylor and the Sunday performance is the main event in our 6th Annual Scholarship Fund Benefit. There will be a silent auction at 6PM and desserts catered by Celebrations Bakery.

Tickets for the Saturday performances will be $10 for ages 13+ and $5 for ages 5-12. All tickets for the Sunday evening Scholarship Benefit show will be $15.

Performed by Academy students, ages 8 to 17.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at Spokane Civic Theatre

What’s the play about? What is the overarching message?

This play is about 6 wild and rowdy kids called the Herdmans who infiltrate the yearly Christmas pageant. One of the kids learned that the minister gives out free desserts and that was all the Herdmans needed to hear. Because of their status as rough and tough kids, they get to bully their way into the main roles of the Christmas pageant (Mary, Joseph, the Angel of the Lord, etc.). All this suggests that this year’s pageant is going to be the worst ever, but, in a touching tribute to the true meaning of Christmas, the pageant ends up being the best Christmas pageant ever, and the Herdmans discover what it means to be selfless and caring.

What are the kid’s thoughts on the play?

The kids have really embraced their roles. I love how the actors are bringing a lot of humanity to their characters. These are kids in grades 3-8, so we’re not talking about kids with decades of stage experience, but they are really embracing why their characters say and do what they do without making them stereotypes or one-dimensional.

How does acting in a play like this influence the kids ? What makes theatre good for kids?

This is a great way for kids to gain experience with acting and public speaking, while at the same time having fun (hopefully :)) and giving back to their community. Many kids are afraid to raise their hand or go to the chalkboard in school because they’re afraid they’ll be wrong or get laughed at. For my money, this is the biggest obstacle that any student faces. These plays give kids the opportunity to gain confidence and not be afraid to make mistakes, which is the only way we grow.

How can we support the acting bug in the kids?

Some children have an instinctive desire to create and be on stage. Some don’t. It’s important as teachers and adults to recognize and support whatever aptitudes your child has. Don’t discourage your children from acting because you think it’s not a lucrative career hobby. Each child has their particular gifts.