A Christmas Carol, Radio Play

A Christmas Carol, Radio Play

Playing December 11 – 24, 2020 on KPBX 91.1

Transporting audiences to a bitterly chilly Christmas Eve night, a hard-hearted miser is visited by four ghosts who take him on a journey to worlds past, present and future. Can Ebenezer Scrooge save himself from the consequences of a lifetime of fear and selfishness, once he is confronted with the full arc of his lonely existence?

Production note:

Minneapolis playwright Barbara Field’s adaptations of A Christmas Carol are part of Spokane Civic Theatre’s DNA. We first produced her rich and delightful take on Mr. Dicken’s tale in the late 1970s, under the artful direction of the legendary Dorothy Darby Smith, one of our Founders. Dorothy, and later others, would continue to direct Barbara’s adaptations for many, many holiday seasons, and this included a streamlined version used in later years. Now, at Civic’s request, Barbara, 87-years-young, is back with an updated script that she has authorized us to share with the Spokane community this holiday season in collaboration with Spokane Public Radio.

Rating: PG

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Dates and Times

Airing on KPBX 91.1

  • December 11,  7:00 PM
  • December 16, 7:00 PM
  • December 20, 4:00 PM
  • December 24, 2:00 PM


Based on the book by CHARLES DICKENS

Adapted for the stage by BARBARA FIELD

Produced by special arrangement with Plays For New Audiences