PREVIEW: Civic to play ‘A Little Night Music’

In directing his first show on Spokane Civic Theatre’s main stage, Lenny Bart isn’t pulling any punches. The company’s artistic director is taking on A Little Night Music, a Tony-winning show from the revered Stephen Sondheim, and he’s filled his cast with actors who have headlined countless local productions. It should make for quite a debut.

“I think it’s such an incredibly beautiful piece of theater,” Bart said. “It has a great balance of comedy and pathos. … It’s just a really meaty piece to bite into.”

Although he’s long been an admirer of Sondheim, Bart had never seen a production of the show before taking it on. That’s a benefit, he says, to keeping a beloved piece of theater from going stale.

“That was one of the really exciting aspects of directing this,” Bart said. “I was able to bring a fresh perspective to it. … I’d like to keep it my vision as much as possible.”

“A Little Night Music” is based on Ingmar Bergman’s 1955 comedy “Smiles of a Summer Night,” and it concerns a love triangle in Sweden at the turn of the 20th century. Or perhaps it’s more of a love quadrangle, because the romance at its center is a bit complicated.

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Preview by Nathan Weinbender of the Spokesman Review

Photo by Colin Mulvany of the Spokesman Review