Here’s a selection of several must-see shows between now and autumn 2020


While many folks will instinctively be drawn to Funny Girl, the renowned show-stopping musical that will be running upstairs on the Spokane Civic Theatre’s main stage a few days after this play’s run ends, Exile stands out for being its polar opposite. This smaller-scale studio production is an original play by the Civic’s resident playwright, Bryan Harnetiaux (York, Holding On, Letting Go), giving audiences the chance to experience a homegrown full-length work that’s never been seen before. In Exile, retired vet Augie visits his hometown for the first time in 40 years to attend a high-school reunion. That ultimately brings him back to his childhood home — a place he’d hoped to escape forever — and face to face with the sister who’s been living there since the death of their parents. Their private reunion, however, is burdened with the weight of the past. Jerry Sciarrio is slated to direct. Tickets are $25.

WHEN & WHERE: April 17-May 10, 2020; Spokane Civic Theatre, 1020 N. Howard St., Spokane; 325-2507


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