Happy Days are here at Civic!

Happy Days are here at Civic!

The Fonz and the Car Hops Rehearse

The Fonz and the Car Hops Rehearse for Happy Days

The kids have started rehearsals and are ready to go!

The teen Happy Days cast (who probably hadn’t heard of Happy Days or the Fonz before auditioning for the Main Stage Performance camp) started their daily rehearsals. The show runs from August 10 to August 17. They had about three weeks to learn songs, lines & choreography as well as get fit for costumes, get used to roller skates, help with sets, and make props!

Michael Muzatko shows the Happy Days boys the dance moves

Michael Muzatko shows the Happy Days boys his moves and they try to keep up.

 Who’s in the cast for Happy Days?

  • Arthur “Fonz” Fonzarelli: Joshua Spencer
  • Richie Cunningham: Landon Toth
  • Pinky Tuscadero: Morgan Keene
  • Howard Cunningham: Christopher Pittella
  • Marion Cunningham: Alanna Hamilton
  • Joanie Cunningham: Sara Wier
  • Charles “Chachi” Arcola: Daniel Amado
  • Ralph Malph: Nathan Hoyt
  • Warren “Potsie” Webber: Logan Tiedt
  • Bully/Leopard Manny Moon/Jumpy Malachi/Elvis: Jacob Nolan
  • Leopard Mac Gates/Myron “Count” Malachi/James Dean: Duncan Heaney
  • Arnold Delvecchio: Will Dubiel
  • Lori Beth Allen/Ensemble: Delaney Gold
  • Pinkette Lola/Car Hop Girl/Ensemble: Natalya Ferch
  • Pinkette Tina/Car Hop Girl/Ensemble: Lexi Forster
  • Pinkette Rose/Car Hop Girl/Ensemble: Roxie Peters
  • Ensemble Boy & Girls: Alyssa Bean, Katherine Cowley, Desmond Goodwin, Kehly Hedrick, Karlin Kahler, Gabrielle Stone, Rachel Teo, Janine Warrington, Keegan Heaney
  • Technical Team: Jeremy Alder, Spencer Cole, Emily Boynton

Who are the crew and design team for Happy Days?

David Brewster & Ashley Cooper work with Happy Days Leads

David Brewster & Ashley Cooper work with Happy Days Leads


  •  Director: Yvonne AK Johnson
  • Music Director/conductor/piano: David Brewster
  • Choreography: Michael Muzatko, Ashley Cooper
  • Set Designer: Peter Hardie
  • Technical Director: David Baker
  • Lighting Design: Matthew Egan
  • Costume Design & Construction: Jen Birkey, Jan Wanless
  • Stage Manager: Spencer Cole
  • Technical Crew: Jeremy Alder, Emily Boynton

More about Happy Days:

The cast of Happy Days rehearses

The cast of Happy Days rehearses on the Main Stage

Of course, any of those who were around during the 70’s (should you care to admit it) know what Happy Days is and know all about the Fonz. You have no problem grasping this musical is based on the hit TV Show. For the rest of you, that’s what the internet is for =): Yes, this is a wikipedia link to Happy days.

Of course, not everything is hard work for our local teens working on the production. Yvonne took them out to dinner at Hogan’s Diner to get that 50’s diner feel.

Tickets for Happy Days are on sale now, so call the box office at 509-325-2507 or buy tickets online. Tickets are $18 for Adults, $16 for Seniors (Age 65+) and military with ID & $10 for students age 5-25 (with college ID). We really hope to see you there supporting Spokane’s up and coming talent!