Civic Presents: Community Voices

Community Voices

For the second installment of Civic Presents, Spokane Civic Theatre’s virtual Main Stage, the theme is inspired by the foundation of our organization: community and stories.

Whether you’re an actor or singer, connect with friends or regular collaborators and select a scene or song with a message that either speaks to you as a performer, offers a point of view that inspires you or reflects an element of our community that you find important or interesting.

If you have participated in a Civic or Civic Academy class, workshop and/or show, you are eligible to participate.

Civic Presents: Community Voices submission window now open through November 10.


  • With one or more other artist(s), perform up to five (5) minutes of a scene or song inspired by community, the art of storytelling or togetherness. Alternatively, perform up to two (2) minutes of a monologue or solo song that is on theme and was selected or directed by another artist.
  • Material can be produced, public domain, published, or original work (Civic will manage licensing/performance rights).
  • Zoom/video performances are eligible. Please practice safety measures outlined in Washington’s “Safe Start” plan when collaborating. Click here to review.
  • Please do not perform or use mature content or language.
  • Please be creative and selective with mise-en-scène (costumes, props, sets).
  • No branded costumes or props please (logos, etc.).
  • If you are performing a song, please source music (accompaniment, track) and manage volume levels so that you can be heard clearly throughout the performance.
  • Please perform off-book.
  • Performances will be edited together to create a seamless ‘show,’ as though we are on a stage with blocking and blackouts.
  • Please film your performance horizontally and in the highest resolution possible (on most smartphones, go to Settings > Camera for resolution options).
  • If you would like to participate but need help (direction, filming, material, etc.), please email: Directors/support available.

Civic Presents: Community Voices premieres November 27, 7:30 PM at