Announcing the company of Readers Theater

Congratulations to the casts of Civic’s upcoming READERS THEATER series. Thank you to all who auditioned!


Danny Anderson, Joshua Baig, Alex Barclay,
Lacey Bohnet-Olson, Barry K Brathovde, Lani Call,
Trevor Caragan, Sallie Christensen, Abby Constable,
Karla Dansereau-Avielle, Nathan Davies, Melody Deatherage,
Chelsea DuVall, Jameson Elton, Shaune Gardner, Jean Hardie,
Peter Hardie, Scarlett Hepworth, Nicole Hicks-Wedge,
Makayla Hoover, Sarah Howard, Janean Jorgensen Schmidt,
Delaney Kahler, Jillian Kehne, Pam Kingsley, Marty Kittelson,
Jess Loomer, Preston Loomer, Deborah Marlowe,
Kylie Mizoguchi-Mukai, Lynn Noel, CJ Pieroni, Sarah Plumb,
Bridget Pretz, Alex Reaganson, Tamara Schupman,
Jamie Sciarrio, Jerry Sciarrio, Paul Sciarrio, Rhead Shirley,
Jennifer Simmons, Jeffrey St. George, David Stanley,
Micah Sybouts, Elizabeth Theriault, Rachae Thomas,
Ryan Wasson, Jeremy Whittington, Isabelle Williams,
Megan Wiltshire, and Reagan Wylie

Directors: Sarah Junette Dahmen, Chelsea DuVall, Thomas Heppler,
Heather McHenry-Kroetch, Kim Roberts and Jake Schaefer


PLEASE NOTE: plays contain strong language, mature and sensitive themes, reference/depiction of alcohol and drug use/abuse, bullying, and gun violence.


April 5 – 21, 2024
Firth J. Chew Studio Theatre

Tickets on sale now!

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Box Office Hours: Tuesday – Friday, 12 – 6PM