Announcing the cast of ‘Holiday Hijinks’

Congratulations to the cast of Holiday Hijinks 

All I Want For Christmas, A Musical Parody

Directed by Josephine Keefe

  • Man: Calen Martin
  • Woman: Megan McQuarrie

Bottles, Barrels, and the Slow Crawl Toward Last Call

Directed by Chris Hansen

  • Jerry: Lulu Stafford
  • Rd: Ron Ford


Heart of Christmas

Directed by Tia Wooley

  • Nikki: Bethany Baker
  • Alan: Ron Ford
  • Jane: Deborah Brooks


Mr. Company

Directed by Josephine Keefe

  • Dee Dee: Hannah Knous
  • Lorna: Anastasia Stavrogina
  • Mr. Company: Tre Keough


Not Tonight

Directed by Adam Sharp

  • Pat: Brighid Rau
  • Stan: Tre Keough


The Office Party

Directed by Rebecca Craven

  • Man: Kyle Ross
  • Woman: Bethany Baker
  • Richard: TBA


Pick-up Lines

Directed by Lenny Bart

  • Grayson Davey
  • Jacob Carruthers
  • Vicky Daniels

The Rental

Directed by David Baker

  • Harold: Blake King-Krueger
  • Sonya: Kristian Carson


Sure Thing

Directed by Matthew Harget

  • Bill: Calen Martin
  • Betty: Hannah Knous


To Be Continued

Directed by Jack Delehanty

  • Young Woman: Krista Vaughn
  • Young Man:  Jacob Carruthers
  • Waiter: Grayson Davey


Traditional Christmas Carol Parodies

Directed by Kyle Ross

  • Calen Martin
  • Jacob Carruthers
  • Grayson Davey
  • Lulu Stafford
  • Megan McQuarrie
  • Hannah Knous
  • Tre Keough

Holiday Hijinks is a collection of alternative holiday shows for mature audiences only (Language, suggestive situations) playing in the Studio Thetare December 8-16, 2017. Tickets are on sale now through our box office, at all TicketsWest locations, and online.