Announcing the cast of Les Misérables











Jean Valjean – Jim Swoboda
Javert, a policeman – Darryl Gurecky
The Bishop of Digne – Bryan J. Agee
Fantine  – Andrea Dawson
The Foreman – Timothy Beggs
Bamatbois – Charles Fletcher
Fauchelevant – David Redmond
Little Cosette, Fantine’s daughter – Noelle Fries
Thenardier, an innkeeper – Doug Dawson
Madame Thenardier, the innkeeper’s wife – Darnelle Preston
Young Eponine, the Thenardier’s daughter – Leilani Santiago
Gavroche, an urchin – Jordan Santiago
Eponine, grown up – Morgan Keene
Cosette, grown up – Natalya Ferch

Thenardier’s Gang
Montparnasse – Charles Fletcher
Babet – David Redmond
Brujon – Timothy Beggs
Claquesous – Peter Gardner

Enjolras – Robby French
Marius – Cody Bray
Combeferre – Joseph Hall
Feuilly – Jace Fogleman
Courfeyrac – Dakota Moses
Joly – Joshua Spencer
Grantaire – David McCarthy
Lesgles – Bryan J. Agee
Jean Prouvaire  – Preston Loomer
An Army Officer – Nathan Hoyt

ENSEMBLE: (The Chain Gang, Warders, Constables, The Poor, Factory Workers, Sailors, Whores, Pimps, Drinkers, Wedding Guests)

Male Ensemble                                                 
Bryan J. Agee                                                   
Daniel Amado                                                  
Will Dubiel                                                       
Timothy Beggs                                                 
Jameson Elton                                                  
Benjamin Fauth                           
Colton Fletcher                                               
Jace Fogleman                                                 
Peter Gardner                                                  
Joseph Hall                                                     
Nathan Hoyt                                                   
Jesen Korver                                                   
Preston Loomer                                              
David McCarthy
Dakota Moses                                                
Joshua Spencer
Matthew Yancey

Female Ensemble
Anastasia Beggs
Sarah Bennett
Liberty Brewster
Jenner Davis
Megan Gardner
Lauren Goldbloom
Whitney Huskey
Emily Jones
Kristen Nauditt
Ryan Patterson
Rachel Raeon
Heidi Santiago
Barbara Tappa
Katherine Vancil

*A heartfelt thank you to the 231 people that auditioned.  You are all to be applauded.  We encourage you to continue to audition throughout the season.  Please go to for more details under auditions.