Auditions Dixie Swim Club

Who Doesn’t Love a Southern Comedy?

Enter the Dixie Swim Club. Admit it. You liked chintz chaise lounges, and you loved Bea Arthur’s jackets, and you cannot forget Rose’s oddness. So where are we going with this? Well, the show is written by the same writers who wrote the “Golden Girls” meaning Dixie Swim Club has the same kind of one line zingers and the same kind of sweet heartfelt moments, and always some twist or turn to deal with, never a dull moment in this one! The play runs May 3rd through June 2nd at the Firth Chew Studio stage at Spokane Civic Theatre. And now, is the time to start thinking about auditioning if you want a piece of this southern action and you think you carry the Golden Girls charm.

Musical at Spokane Civic Theatre Dixie Swim Club

What’s Dixie Swim Club All About?

It is about 5 women who were members of a college swim team and have remained friends over the years. We join them in their mid-40’s, at their annual vacation at a beach cottage. We see them at the cottage as years pass and get to experience the trials and tribulations, the relationships and the dynamics of 5 very different women staying in one house.

 Who is Director Tia Wooley Looking to Cast?

  • Sheree – she was the swim team captain, married her college sweetheart, she is practical, supportive, energetic, hyper-organized and a total health nut
  • Dinah – she is a single, wise-cracking cynic, she enjoys the good life and is a true go-getter, she excels at everything except romance
  • Lexie – a perfect southern belle, she is vain, youth obsessed, flirtatious ‘man-manager’ and wraps men around her little finger with a look
  • Jerilyn – a ditzy ray of sunshine, she is an innocent, naïve optimist who walks to the beat of her own drummer
  • Vernadette – a hard luck case, nothing ever goes right for her, she is poor financially, very self-deprecating and has a gallows sense of humor

 What Kind of Women Is She Casting?

Tia says she’s looking for women who appear between the age of 35 – 50 with a different look for each character — from petite to heavy, Short to tall. The first rehearsal will be about working on relationships which will be built on those throughout the rehearsal process. Tentative rehearsal schedule will be mostly Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evenings. Performances of Dixie Swim Club will be Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Scripts are available for reading at the Spokane Civic Theatre box office and auditions will include cold readings from the script.

When are Dixie Swim Club Auditions?

March 11 & 12 and show dates are May 3 – June 2 in the Studio Theatre. Bring your best Southern Belle and we will see you there.