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Hold tight while we are finish the fall curriculum! Check back later in the summer for all of the classes, workshops and audition productions!

Focus on Early Literacy Skills, Pattern Recognition, Sequencing, Creative Movement, Spatial Awareness and Public Speaking.


Designed for both beginning students new to Theatre that have class/ structured activity experience , average reading levels, and ability to follow directions and work as a team, and Intermediate students that model class expectations of teamwork, memorization, focus, and performance basics of volume, blocking, and emoting.


Experienced students ready to challenge skill set and expand performance knowledge. Students should be familiar with beginner basics and ready to explore motivation, physicality, and storytelling.

Students that have the experience and focus to present more complex, thorough pieces, commit to strong character choices, increased line load and nuanced blocking and willing to explore varying acting techniques in a collaborative environment.


Ages are suggestions, not limitations. Please select the class level that best suits your child’s comfort and skill level.

Looking for assistance in picking a skill level or class? Please visit the Class Levels page for more information or reach out to us at Academy@SpokaneCivicTheatre.com