Pay What You Can Nights at Spokane Civic Theatre

At Spokane Civic Theatre, we understand that theatre can be a luxery item that some community members have trouble affording, no matter their passion for supporting the arts. That's why we created Pay What You Can Nights! One night before a main season show opens, we invite community members to come experience the joy of live theatre at a discounted price. All we ask is for a $5 cash donation at the door, but if you are unable to donate that amount (or are able to give more than $5) the night truly is Pay What You Can and we will except anything you are able to give to see the performance.

2017-18 Season Pay What You Can Nights

Main Stage

Firth J Chew Studio Theatre


Pay What You Can Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase tickets ahead of time for a Pay What You Can Night?

  • No, these nights only have ticket sales at the door due to the unique nature of the event.

Do you have Pay What You Can Nights for Academy Shows or other special performances?

  • At this time, we do not have Pay What You Can Nights set up for any shows beyond the main season.

What time time do the doors open/when can I buy tickets? 

  • That night, doors to the Lobby open at 6:30pm and doors to the theatre open at 7:00pm. You can purhcase tickets starting at 6:30pm up until the show starts at 7:30pm. 

How many tickets can I purchase for Pay What You Can Nights?

  • You are able to purchase as many as are in your party and present.

Do you ever run out of seats for Pay What You Can Nights?

  • Yes, we have run our of seating for these nights in the past. The Main Stage shows hold 339 seats, and the Studio (typically) hold 88 seats, so it is best to get your tickets as soon as you are able to get to the theatre that night.

Is there assigned seating for Pay What You Can Nights?

  • No, there is no assigned seating in either theatre. It is all open seating.


  April 2017

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